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About this site

Computing platform of this Website

This website is built on the following computing platforms.

HTML5 / CSS3.0 / JavaScript

The following web-browsers are recommended to see this website.
Except for the recommended computing environments or without correct setting of your web browser, you may not have access or see proper web page.


  • Internet Explorer 9 or later
  • Google Chrome(Latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox(Latest version)

Macintosh(Mac OS X )

  • Safari 5 or later

The copyright to any documents, photos and illustrations (hereinafter referred to as “contents”) on this website belong to Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd unless otherwise stated.
Users of this website cannot sell, transfer or lend any part of the contents to another party.
The contents may not be changed, modified or corrected in any way.

Linkage to this Website

Anyone who may want to link to this Website is requested to inquire us beforehand.
Any request for linkage in the following nature will be firmly declined.

  • Linkage from a site with the contents which may slander HTK and/or its products, or which may damage HTK’s reputation.
  • Linkage from a site with illegal (or may be illegal) contents, or from a site which participated (or may have participated) in illegal (or may be illegal) activities.
  • Linkage from a site with a frame and/or other means, which may make obscure that the contents of this Website are properties of HTK.

With regard to the Future Prediction

HTK’s business plan, earnings outlook and future predictions carried in this Website are our expectations based on the information available at the time of the announcement.
There is a possibility that the actual conducts and performances may differ from what are described as the future perspectives, in consequence of changes in the economic conditions, the business environments, the demand tendency for its products and the trend of foreign exchange rates, etc.

Exemption Clause

HTK is exempt from any liabilities for any trouble, loss and damage as a result of using this Website and the information carried therein.
It should be acknowledged in advance that any contents and/or URLs carried in this Website may be updated, revised or eliminated without any notice.