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Code of Conduct

HTK Code of Conduct

Ⅰ Relationship with customers

We provide quality products and services in a timely manner at reasonable prices.
We carefully listen to the voices of our customers so as to understand their requirements and offer them fitting proposals.

Ⅱ Relationship with partners

We respect each others rights and positions and conduct our transactions in a fair manner at all times.
We strive towards mutual development by collaborating with our partners.

Ⅲ Role of employees

  1. Basic stance of employees
    Personal value
    We will not lose interest in innovation and enjoy the progress and improvement we make as individuals.
    Originality value
    We will have an open mindset and encourage new and flexible ways of thinking, not being restrained by fixed ideas.
    Challenge value
    We will endeavor to improve ourselves by constantly seeking out new challenges.
    Sincerity value
    We respect the rules of business and operate so others can have faith in us.
    Synergy value
    Through appropriate communication, we will understand and respect our differences so we can cooperate effectively.
  2. Aiming towards a comfortable working environment
    We are always conscious of health and safety and strive to improve our work environment so all the employees can work with peace of mind.
  3. Respect for human rights
    We will never discriminate by: nationality, religion, creed, gender, sexuality, social status, family origin, disability, illness, age, and the like. Nor will we ever engage in sexual harassment or power harassment. In addition we will respect each other’s privacy.

Ⅳ Compliance with laws and regulations

  1. Observance of compliance
    We comply with laws and regulations, internal company rules and ethics in all situations as we expand our business.
  2. Exclusion of anti-social forces
    We refuse to associate with anti-social forces and organizations who threaten the order and safety of civil society.
  3. Protection of intellectual property rights and the security of such information
    We respect the intellectual property rights of other companies and strive to keep strict management over any confidential information so it will not be leaked to any third parties.
    We strive to keep and control any personal information that is not to be disclosed without the permission of the individual it pertains to, irrespective of whether they are an insider or outsider of the company.

Ⅴ Relationship with shareholders

  1. Aiming for transparent business activities
    We value communication with shareholders and disclose any corporate information fairly and appropriately.
  2. Insider trading
    We comply with any existing laws, regulations and internal regulations and will not conduct any insider trading.

Ⅵ Consideration for the environment

  1. Global environmental protection
    Understanding the importance of protecting our global environment, we actively promote the conservation and effective utilization of resources, committing ourselves to the development of environmentally friendly products.
  2. Management of harmful chemical substances
    We, as a manufacturing company, take the appropriate steps towards the management and reduction of harmful chemical substances.

Ⅶ Social connections

As good corporate citizens, we contribute towards the development of social communities.