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Message from the Top Management

Since the foundation of Honda Neji Seisakusho in 1932 in precision screw machining business as our root, HTK: Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co.,Ltd, with your support and encouragement, survived the difficulties during and after WWⅡ, moved forward along with the rapid development in telecommunication, and overcome the hardships during the bubble economy burst, to exist today as one of the top connector makers . I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers and also to those who are concerned for supporting our company for over 80 years.

After the business partnership with Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd (currently Panasonic Corporation) in 2008, our business entered into a new phase of growth. Recognizing the advantages and disadvantages as a mid-size company, and basing our strategy on "Segments No.1", which aims to the top niche sectors where our specialities can be utilized. We have streamlined responding to small lot orders with a short delivery dates in our core telecommunication and FA fields, and have expanded our business into the automotive field by promoting our long-term reliability and toughness.

In 2015, we established as our brand statement in our corporate philosophy "Value by Connecting". In order to create values which can contribute to the development of a society, we believe that connecting people with people as well as connecting hardware and software is our corporate mission.

Based on this corporate philosophy, we continuously strive for a "Good Company" which gains respect and expectation from our society.

I ask for your continued support and patronage for the coming years.

Shinichiro Satani, President and Representative Director HTK