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HTK’s Medium-term Management Plan“GC20”

HTK’s Medium-term Management Plan“GC20”
(From FY2015 to FY2020)

To be a Good Company plus Record setting performance up to a sustainable Growth Company

HTK aims to become, by FY2020, a 'Good Company', trusted and expected from all the stakeholders (Employees, Customers, Business Partners and Shareholders), in accordance with the Group-wide Corporate Philosophy and the Corporate Governance Principal Policy established in 2015. HTK also seeks 'One Rank Up' by achieving record setting performance ( Sales ¥25Bn and Operating Profit Ratio 10%)
Additionally, HHK defines the first half of 'GC20', i.e. from 2015 to 2017, as Season 1 to lay groundwork and seed the market for leaping over ¥20Bn sales figures, and the latter half, i.e. from 2018 to 2020, as Season 2 to achieve expeditiously the New Sales Records of ¥25Bn.

Basic concept of GC20

Aim for a Good Company with “Segments No.1” Strategy and Compact management

HTK defines the follwing two strategies as Basic Concepts of GC20 : (1)further cultivation of current 'Segmetnts No.1' strategy (being number one supplier in plural niche markets), and (2)continuous pursuit of Compact Management with “Agile, Accurate and Reliable Response”.

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Business strategy: Deep cultivation of “Segments No.1”

To Focus on the larger picture: To broaden HTK’s products and grow the future markets, HTK will be segment-ization in “Segments No.1” products and services

Through the basic strategy of “Segments No.1”, various No.1 niche products and services ('Seg1') were introduced. In the coming years, HTK plans to unroll from a point product/service into 'Seg1 Domain', through expanding these “Seg1” products/services horizontally toward various customers, and also through evolving into next generation of products, capturing newly advanced technology and customers' 'Wants'.

Platform strategy: Pursuance of compact management

HTK aims for a strong constituition of the company immune to environmental changes through enhanced performances.

Well-balanced portfolio (Business structure) and lean management is a platform for a sustainable company. HTK aims for a strong constitution of the company immune to environmental
changes, pursuing a lean and capital efficient compact management, and thus enhancing further its performances.

In pursuit of a Good Company

It is Workfoce who creates value. HTK will focus its efforts on strengthening its organizational and human power.

HTK continues to enhance its organizational/human power in pursuit of a 'Good Compamy', based on the newly established Group-wide Corporate Philosophy.