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Management Plan

HTK has adopted a management plan with the following goals and strategies to accomplish its vision for the 100th anniversary of its founding (2032).

 ◇ Long-term vision (for the 100th anniversary of its founding)
  • Become a good company that earns the trust and fulfills the expectations of all
   shareholders/stakeholders and grow sustainably.
  • Develop into a corporate group with net sales of 50.0 billion yen,
   operating profit of 5.5 billion yen and ROE of 12% or more.
 ◇ Medium-term goals
  • Record highs in net sales and in operating profit in FY2025.

 〇Basic Policy
  Create and launch new products swiftly in "connecting" markets that will expand with Society 5.0.

〇Management Strategies/ Business Strategies

 <Business connectors>
  Long-term vision: Swiftly solve issues for connecting that will arise in the evolution of society.
  Business policy: Launch a series of new products to meet expanding and diversifying needs.

 <Automobile connectors>
  Long-term vision: Support the autonomous driving of mobility by polishing our high-speed
  transmission technology.
  Business policy: Expand business based on our strong track record in vehicle cameras and
  high-speed transmission technology.
 <Information systems>
  Long-term vision: Transform information systems into a DX support business that will bolster
  the digital revolution of medium-sized companies.
  Business policy: Expand business domains by developing our own DX businesses,
  utilizing new technologies.
 <Strengthening the management foundation>
  Improve productivity and business durability by strengthening our initiatives for DX and sustainability.