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Three Advantages

① A wide range of design capabilities cultivated in our about 90 year history and customization capabilities utilizing design know how.

Wide Providing products with our wide range design capability that meet our customer's needs.

A wide range of designability which is unique to HTK : a well established connector maker with an about 90 year history. We provide exactly what our customers need.

② Speedy development and response to small lot orders with a short delivery date.

Speedy Developing Products in a short period, and providing  short delivery dates.

Our fast turnaround from concept design, prototyping and mass production is one of the key features we are very proud to offer our customers. We also understand how important it is to our customers to reduce their time to market and are working very hard to achieve a one week delivery from receipt of order.

③ Longterm reliability and toughness.

Tough Longterm reliability and toughness cultivated through our communication infrastructure.

Our many years experience of developing connector solutions for the telecom and switching industry which are required to be trouble free for more than 10 years has given us the technical know how. Utilizing these advantages, we expand our business into industrial machines, high end equipment for professionals, and automotive markets.